Raymond Ketcham

Ray Ketcham has an obsession for human stories.  Originally from the American Southwest, he has lived in the Pacific Northwest for more than thirty-five years where he first studied sculpture at the University of Western Washington and went on to show his work in New York and Seattle. Since he was a teenager, he has had a camera in hand and today he works as a commercial, freelance photographer. His clients include humanitarian and government organizations as well as local businesses. He also teaches and mentors new photographers, one-on-one and through round tables held in the picturesque artist community of Port Townsend and around the country.

Ray is also the founder and editor-in-chief of “Rear Curtain” a website dedicated to emerging visual storytellers who want to share important—often untold—stories. Rear Curtain is also a resource of learning tools for those who wish to advance their storytelling skills.


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